Fizz nerfed to the ground in new season

Ty rito very much for destroying my beloved fish, i don't have words for you.You just removed damage amplification on ULT and nerfed his W too much by removing %hp damage from it and remaking its active.What i can do now is that i can only fight 1v1 someone and chase someone with combo R + Q + AA + E + W but in teamfight for this two seconds needed for target to bleed to use W i'll get bursted before i have chance to use it.Also if i go vs {{champion:238}} he is not going to wait for me two seconds to use my W but instead he'll escape me,i'll get camped, or deal lethal damage to me and finish me with ignite if my E is on cooldown.I don't feel i'll be able do do with {{champion:105}} what i used to do and maybe i'll be forced to play him top and jungle this season.New W is good for farming but his burst power is destroyed which he once had.
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