@riot: about some pbe changes i don't like

i'm excited about the PBE since a few days (there will probably be buff for fiddle)... however... i've seen that article: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2018/02/28-pbe-update.html basically the return fo the twin shadow and a nerf of liandrys against tanks it will be harder to carry games with ap carry mid... edit: i'm not talking about "assassin" ap carry like katarina => the return of the twin shadow: the item that summon 2 wolves that reveals the ennemy... 1)**make useless all the skill needed to get vision in game** 2)it is the biggest nerf to fiddlestick jungle possible imaginable too ! 3)i thought botlane was already carrying every game => liandry torment change: Deal 2% more damage for each second in combat with champions (10% maximum) 1) **this buff while in combat have no real meaning in term of gameplay **? 2) it will arbitrarily buff some heroes and nerf other 3) some players will see their elo climb because they play like this but will not even understand why they climb in elo => and 1% of MAX HEALTH instead of 2% of CURRENT HEALTH 1) obviously its clear to everyone that 2% of current health is always stronger than 1% of max health... (edit: i mean in the situation where you have to "carry" a game you will probably not ult a tank to get a kill) because... as ap carry you will try to make AOE damage so your job is basically to lower ennemy life, not really to get the kill always, that is rather a job of the ad carry instead 2) **will prevent from carrying games as ap mid** what will happen if you make this change: you win the lane and get more farms/kills, ennemy is noob but decide to build full tank (build mr guys!), so the game last forever and all the lead you got become useless

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