Is it supposed to be enjoyable to play adc?

what is the actual point of this loser role now a days? be a scared little sissy having to dodge 25 skillshots to be able to auto once? would make sense if you buffed actual supports too so you had someone to help you, and not just a midlane reject mage player that deals damage. BUFF Adcs, make new items that gives them some HP too. Every mage player now a days has close to 2500-3k hp due to their item builds, and they ONESHOT you all game. every support player now a days is another mage that oneshots and ccs you too. if you wanna carry and deal damage its 10x better to just queue as support and play mage or pyke. honestly consider the intention of the SUPPORT ROLE. perhabs you shouldnt nerf crit items, and every REAL support in the game at the same time and then wonder why adc as a role sucks, its literally obvious to any human being above 50iq.

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