TFT Glacial and Demons broken interaction with...

Kindred ult and Shen ult, glacials can still freeze them and demons can still mana burn them, they also can do this to Yordles with a synergy. I kind of understand it in Kindred ult but it makes 0 sense that when a glacial or demon's auto attack is DODGED they can still proc freeze and mana burn, as if they weren't already obnoxious enough as synergies, there is no actual counter play to them other than flat out being a lot stronger, getting better item RNG and seeing the champions you need more. Strategic counterplay is not possible vs demons at all, glacials a little bit, because there are no glacial champions that are very strong by themselves so their comps tend to lack a little. Demons are still broken, there are no bad demon champions, they take ALL of your mana with (2) synergy which needs changing, and two of the strongest champions in the game (Varus and Aatrox) get the synergy for free while still being very powerful. You sacrifice nothing for demon synergy, and it is overpowered from the (2) bonus and onwards, there is no spike in power for the synergy just permanent oppression. They need to either drain 25% (2) 50% (4) and 75%(6) of the opponents mana or have their proc chance reduced even further. So sad when you compare them to shit tier synergies like Wild, TFT is just as poorly balanced as Riot's MOBA, power is too skewed and there is no middle ground. Turned into a Demon rant, not my intention but they need to go, same builds over and over with too many unviable synergies and champions that are BOTH weak and part of a weak synergy, like Nidalee (perfect example, weak champion weak synergy) {{champion:266}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:60}}
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