To Riot, Very Important.

Hey guys. My name is Lolo, and I've been playing League of Legends for a year or so now. I've played with thousands of players and, I've got to a point where. Ranked is impossible to succeed in. In Bronze/Silver you get ranked with random people that you don't know, where you have no communication only chat, where you can get muted and pings which people don't even pay attention to now a days. People don't give two about the game, ranked which you are playing, You are trying hard to win the game which everyone wants and you get placed with people that just go in 1v5 because who knows why? Intentional feeding? No one does anything about it, Then when you get angry every now and then you're the bad one for getting angry. Then there are the annoying people that talk all the time which always get a mute and ping you 24/7 non stop, and again, They don't get any bans or anything, You the one that get restriction etc if you get mad at them. I'm quite a calm person, only had once a 10 game chat restriction since one year I've played. But I've got to a point where I don't even know how this works, Why can't you be placed with positive people that actually know how to play the game in Bronze/Silver. Like you had the experience to get to level 30 but you still can't play the game and take random champions in ranked and you don't even know how to play? Like dude, It's ranked for a reason. I understand people make mistakes, But sometimes people don't even look at the team comp of the opposite team and their own and just pick a random champion they want to play in ranked, notice how i keep saying ranked,because I understand if it's a normal game. I like this new system where you get placed with people on your level, Something to do with your KDA I think? I'm not 100% sure. I watch tips and youtubers for example FoxDrop and RedMercy about becoming a better League of Legends player. To ward the map, to gain vision, many much more things. And then i get placed with people that don't even know or give a damn about this game in ranked. I know a lot about this game as from all the videos. I love playing this game. And If someone would like to join me and play with me and stay positive that knows how to play this game and wards the map and goes for objectives and not just for kills, that actually knows what they're doing and what they have to do, Then please be sure to add me up in game! Much love and sorry for this little life story. Lolo

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