Ok... it's official... Yasuo needs a rework... and not because he is OP!!!

I don't know what else to day anymore... I like to play normal games for fun... but playing normal is either playing vs yasuo or YASUO playing vs YASUO... it's ridiculous... it's annoying... and in the end when I see ANOTHER yasuo I end up being hostile against a guy that has done nothing to me just because I am so freakin TIRED of seeing this god damn champ... ever since he came out so many years ago you see either 1 or even 2 yasuos in EVERY SINGLE NORMAL GAME... I don't care if his playstyle is fun for little kids... make the little kids play other champs too... cause even if he's not OP... that he is to be honest (but winning or losing against him is not my point)... he has made this game utterly boring because you end up laning against him in EVERY SINGLE DAMN GAME!!! You wanna learn to play a champ that is countered hard by yasuo??? Tough luck.... yasuo kids are gonna stomp you over and over and over and over and over... and your team will flame you... and you will never get to learn that champ... and the yasuo kids will call you trash in the all chat... and your god damn day will be ruined... people.... seriously... we call Yasuo cancer because we say he is OP... but he is not for that reason... it's because we see him in every single game... its because when we see another yasuo we just sigh and say "not again... not another one... play SOMETHING else for once in your god damned life!!!" It's because seeing yasuo has become BORING... RIOT, seriously... do something about yasuo... I don't care about winning or losing against him... ok... I can spam kennen top and beat him every game... what if I don't WANT to play kennen???? In normals yasuo has a pick rate of 99%... I don't care why... I simply don't care anymore... I just want to stop seeing this stupid samurai in every game just because all the little kids think "ooh... I'm gonna get 50 kills this game..." and they don't want to learn to play the ACTUAL game... Now you can call me all the things you want... "low elo trash", "Crying idiot" or whatever... I'm just tired of yasuo and if you're not then you're just one of these guys that spam him EVERY SINGLE GAME!!!
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