Champion Nami

Can you please consider my suggestions? This champion is litterally usseles. I will coppy my last message here. was wondering will you update Nami soon? I really love this champion and i had over 100k expirience with her on my 1st account, 80% of the games played with her, sometimes as a midlaner. Maybe you should change her Q spell, to be AOE but in one line, like Zyra's third spell(first target is trapped the mosst time, others less). Those sharks/fishes from one of her animations are great idea to replace it with her third spell, maybe 3 sharks in third spell that you can throw every 2 seconds but than you have some big cooldown on it. If you could make that spell like this: When you throw a shark on an ally she helps him somehow - take damage instead of ally or something like that, and when you throw it towards enemy it bites him instanty and slow if possible. Or maybe add something to her passive(it makes her support and nothing else), to enable her to go as a mid laner too? And if you could speed up her ulti a little bit, because almost every time players have time to run away from it, especially when they get some movement speed... Also, i wanted to say more about her ulti. The more ability power you get, the less slow it makes - but than make this ulti with more damage. I really think it is time to update this champion, because it is kind of usseles like this. Please consider some of these suqestions! Your fan, Arsa1998
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