Don't forget, you can just uninstall

Are you: * Tired of getting royally shafted because you prefer to play on your own but Riot seems to have a Vendetta about anyone who doesn't group up and play in a premade? * Just not enjoying the game anymore because Ranked is meaningless and only normal games are actually enjoyable? * Salty over the fact that the balance team seems to be as effective as QSS on 6.9? Well don't forget, the simplest answer to a problem is usually the best. And if you're just not enjoying the game, then why stay? It's quite simple. Do you actually enjoy playing? No? Then stop. Don't waste time writing yet another post about how X is OP. Just turn off the game and leave, even if it's just temporarily. Because if you're waiting on Riot to fix the game so you can enjoy it again, you've got a long and salty road ahead of you. Either they 180 on their design principles and take steps toward fixing the game like bringing back solo queue, or they continue down this path of running the game in to the ground. Abandon ship bois.

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