Champion Classifications - Specifically Fighters

There are four champions that I feel do not belong in the "fighter" category. The first is Diana. Diana feels like she ought to be in the assassin category due to the fact that she has huge burst. She should probably be swapped with Master Yi. I do not know why Master Yi is in the category of assassins. Gnar is the next - this champion is a ranged champion. He doesn't really feel like a fighter at all. Either he is a marksman or he is a tank in mega gnar. Since he spend most time in mini form he should be considered a marksman despite the fact that he does become a tank. Jayce is another champion that doesn't belong in this category. He basically abuses ranged advantage in lane, so how he can be considered a fighter when his melee form is just jump in and do some damage and then escape with knockback. It is kind of insulting to players who play actual fighters like fiora, darius to place this champ in the same category as them. The last champion that doesn't deserve to be in the fighter category is urgot. Urgot has ranged advantage in the same way and while he often can win in a melee vs an actual melee champ due to his kit, he still isn't a fighter. He ought to be a marksman as well. Thanks for reading all!

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