No one at Riot seems to know what Vel'Koz even does

As Riot BelugaWhale posted on the NA boards: > - All he does for his team is damage, which is hardly unique to him - there's no specific reason to want to bring Vel'koz onto a team > - Many of his abilities don't quite feel right - for example laning mid involves spamming W down the creep wave repeatedly instead of focusing on creative Q play. > Potential changes will likely be aimed at addressing these kinds of issues. Seriously, Vel'Koz is the best non-support peeler in the game and a good VK** can self-peel 2-3 enemies at once**. No one else apart from Cho'Gath and Yasuo has a **knockup from such a safe range** and neither of those has any other ranged spells. Even if the only reason he gets picked was sheer damage (which is factually wrong), the *way* he deals that damage does carve him a clear niche. No other AP except Xerath can deal so much damage from such an insane range (and even Xerath can't harass at the range a good VK can harass with his Q). **Whenever you need to counter enemies that require you to stay the hell away from** (Annie/Ryze for example), **the first champs that come to mind are VK and Caitlyn.** There are so many mages that have the problem BelugaWhale mentioned (Viktor, for example, works equally well in every comp, no specific reason when and when not to pick him). But Vel'Koz is the epitome of insane poke and peel that no other champion can bring to the table in the same way. Addressing the second point: **this might actually be right for the average player who played VK 5-6 times.** Yes, I once also was that guy who farmed with W, spammed Q on the enemy laner on cooldown and used E mainly for self-peel. **From this point of view, his kit is actually incoherent.** But the better you get, the more useful does his Q become. While W remains your main waveclear, a good VK doesn't just spam it vertically through the creep wave. Instead, you try to hit the creep wave AND the enemy laner; if they dodge, they eat a Q (or even an E and the second W cast). I don't have many games against VK because he is my go-to mid laner, however, even against mediocre ones, laning is a bullet hell. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to play against one who knows how to weave in his Q correctly instead of harassing with Q and just farming with W. (Still, no one can doubt that there is clear counterplay as long as you're not Kayle.) All of his abilities feel right exactly the way they are. **Vel'Koz has one of the least overloaded yet most clearly outlined kits in the game.** He does have a big niche and, unlike the majority of the "immobile mages", you have to be REALLY careful what you pick him into and even I never blind-pick him unless I feel really confident. What does Riot want to do with Vel'Koz? BelugaWhale talked about a "Caitlyn-level rework". Just like pretty much of the latest reworks, **it would likely focus on what Riot sees as the most dominant aspect of his kit**. Caitlyn had her headshot as a nice periodical boost and her W as one of her zoning features; now they made her W mandatory to get maximum damage output and rebuilt her entire kit around headshots. She got basically changed from a versatile champ to a one-combo pony. From what BelugaWhale stated, I suspect that the new VK would likely require him to hit his Q first to stack his true damage, or some absolutely insane stuff like that. I love the versatility of his kit and his combos and **I doubt he would be this versatile after a rework**. **Conclusion**: BelugaWhale has apparently never talked to a Vel'Koz main as their reasoning just plain wrong. Vel'Koz **has a clear niche** and his skillset is only slightly similar to those of Brand and Xerath, both of which have a completely different play style. **His kit is coherent and nothing about it would warrant a rework**, apart from Rioters who don't know how to use his Q. On the NA boards, more than 300 people have the same opinion. It would be nice to leave an upvote in case you agree with me that Vel'Koz shouldn't be changed, especially not by people who don't know how to play him. Also please vote on the poll (and if you disagree with me, feel free to tell me the reason in the comments) ^-^ Sincerely, {{champion:161}} Total Slappage, proud tentacle main and mathematician, who will be a sad tentacle if the rework goes through.
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