For all dem zed mains.

So I've seen a lot of people who think Zed actually takes a lot of skill to be played and he offers a lot of counterplay and balance. And they've been saying their cheap excuse to the people who complain about Zed being overpowered that Zhonya and QSS are items in League of Legends and they are noobs who can't play vs him. Now I want to clarify some things: 1. Zhonya's hourglass was overnerfed. It costs too much and you wont be able to afford it before zed gets a high lead and dominates everyone. Also, you are buying defensive power instead of what you actually need(CDR and mana regen) and if you get a seeker's in early he will just buy armor pen because he has access to 3 FUCKING ARMOR PEN ITEMS with extremely easy build paths (mainly long swords) while zhonya's requires 300+300+435+1250 gold AND 1050 gold to finish the recipe. 2. QSS is the most idiotic excuse ever. You are spending 1300 gold on magic resist when you are playing vs a 5 AD team, probably 4 AD with an unfed AP. So you are only cancelling his ult and he still has lots of damage. You are also slowing your build and have no damage. 3. Even if you can pull great plays with him, you can just faceroll and suck with him and still carry the game. because he doesn t get punished with anything. he has high mobility, high damage, no mana costs and too low CDs. high skill cap is not an excuse for being OP. 4. He got nerfed this patch, but it does not mean that he is not OP anymore. with such a rewarding kit and high AD ratios i reserve myself to say that Zed is A BIG NOOB CHAMP THAT OFFERS 0 COUNTERPLAY. And even if he IS balanced somehow, he still must be nerfed because he has been strong for too much time. He dominated a long period of time and now received a small nerf. Riot must make him underpowered now to compensate. 5. I don't really complain about the OPness of Zed, I can just ban him, but people who think their champion takes a lot of skill and not anyone can play him make me sick. I mean, he does not need any particular skill, he has a Q skillshot which can be spammed with no punishes, has high speed and high damage. Other champions have skillshots too and they are harder to land and cost mana (Bard Q, Thresh Q etc.). E is an instant AoE, W is not that hard to use (champions like Azir and Orianna permanently have to manage a second "champion" (the soldiers, the sphere) while Zed doesn't need such things) and R is a powerful point and click engage tool. How does any of these take any PARTICULAR and not GENERAL GAME skill, tell me, zed mains?
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