I wanted to post this long time ago, but i guess now is the time. Im not sure if something like this was posted before but i really want to talk about gamemodes. If u played in season 8 u should remember the real joy of weekends when u get back from school or work, u turn on ur league client and there always apears a new gamemode for example : ARURF, Legend of the Poro King, Blood Moon, One for All, Ascension and so on. U invite ur friends and play. It was really fun, it was the best part of weekends when u have nothing else to do. But when missions came out all of it got cancelled. Now gamemodes come out only on events. Events like Project, Arcade and more. I cant say that it was a mistake, it is actually fun to complete missions and get rewards for it. But is it actually worth it playing Normals and/or Rankeds only, cant u just have fun playing this game for atleast 2 days per week. I mean sure there can be event gamemodes and missions for some time. But what im trying to say is that i wish Riot Games could bring back these gamemodes back like it was before, and i think im not the only one.
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