Back to League after 3 Years, I dont get it... Should I play bad or good? Im so confused....

Guys, im kinda confused.... Last time I was here was like S6, played lots of PoE and so on. Anyhow, Im really confused atm as to how Riot wants me to play the game. I kinda have the feeling, that playing bad gets rewarded way more then actually playing good. If you play bad, there are so many mechanics that help you out. You are behind in XP or dont know how to jungle? You get catch-up XP. Bad at farming? Np, here is shutdown gold. On the other hand, if you play good, there isnt really any benefit, in fact, the more you kill somebody, the less gold hes worth. There is nothing really that promotes playing good. So im actually confused, feels like bad players get babysitted so that hypersensitve millenial children dont get mad when they lose. Why? Why does playing bad get so much help? This is not flaming, I just dont understand. I dont know any other game where the BAD players get rewarded, and the good players get nothing. You waste so much time, trying to zone your enemy, challanging his CS, maybe killing him.... But in the end it doesnt matter, all he has to do is soak up 2-3 waves in the sidelanes, maybe get a shutdown with his team, and bam, hes now just as strong as you are, or slightly behind. You just wasted 10-15 minutes trying to create a lead, and its all gone. I honestly dont understand this. I just came back into this game and I already feel like leaving again.... This is all so random and so silly.
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