Give Diana some quality game play

Hi everyone, I´m not going to ask to increase her damage or anything like it, since the only thing Riot wants is to completely destroy the good champ that Diana once was, but one thing they did right and i appreciate it, Diana's last ''buff'', was nothing more that an improvement of her game play rather than an actual buff ... First of all fix Diana's bugs like her 1. E max range decreased over the last patches (that somehow happened without telling us in the patches ... or it's just a bug we will never know, but the true is that someone did a discussion about her E range being too big and after that it got reduced by magic ... ), 2. Passive third basic attack damage reduced over the 3.5 sec bug, 3. And fix her infernal skin that is actually so buggy that no one plays with it Now some game play improvements to Diana 1. Revert the ''buff'' (nerf) from patch 9.8, where Diana only gets bonus attack speed when she activates an ability, to what it was before , 2. Decrease her Q mana cost from 55 to 40, 3. Increase the Moonlight mark duration from 3 to 4 sec, 4. Decrease her E the mana cost from 70 to 55, 5. Decrease her E initial cd from 26 to 18 (this ability is actually so useless and buggy that is sad that has such a huge mana cost and cd ...) Those are my suggestions to make Diana's game play over all feel better, more rewarding and less mana needy. If u have more suggestions or other ideas comment down bellow and let me know what u think about these. PS: Still waiting for that Diana Eclipse skin ... {{champion:131}}
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