About ranks overall, a debate

I've been debating the current system of ranks in ranked with a fellow summoner, and thought I would open up a discussion on the boards to see more opinions on this. For a while now, that summoner would complain about Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum all being full of boosted trolls, and thus called the ranks garbage, filled with bad players. He would also state that the system overall is garbage, and entirely based on luck. Now, I am pretty split on this, as I have good examples for both the argument of "they are where they belong", and the argument of "they don't belong here, system might be flawed". *** "They don't belong here, system might be flawed" I know a few good players that are stuck in Bronze / low Silver that might deserve a rank like high Silver or Gold. For example, I have a Bronze III friend who is a Yasuo, Gnar and Ahri main who, although goes for risky kills too often, is very good at farming and is very good at making comebacks, and catching up. I also have a very good mid lane main friend who is having a hard time getting out of Bronze, yet she has proven herself to be above average. Then there's someone I know in real life who reached Gold, yet they wanted me, a Silver player, to carry them up to Gold. There are a few other examples of this. *** "They are where they belong" To first counter the previous claim, a high Platinum friend of mine said that if the two I mentioned above are good enough, they could climb out themselves (much like that Gold player that I am not sure if he got someone else to carry him up or not, but let's say he got up there himself). And an example for this argument would be when the "Bronze" mid lane main friend and I went for a 2v4 custom match, and absolutely mopped the floor against the 4 Bronze V (a few of which were unranked) summoners as two assassins against three fighters and one mage. Note that they were Bronze V and unranked. *** So as I said, I am fairly split on this, especially because I've been told that I play like a Gold player, yet I struggle as any other role other than mid to win a Silver III ranked match, so maybe I am where I belong as well. Regardless of that, what are your opinions on this? Is the system fair, or is it luck based? Let's start a discussion. ~~And hopefully I am posting this on the right board~~
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