The champions pool for TFT is to low

Based on the games I've played the number of champions (shards) seems too low, you cant get enough champions shards to level one champion to lvl 3, not even when there are only 2 players left in the game. If you're lucky enough to get all the shards at the beginning of the game without spending to much gold on rolls, the you win the game else you're almost sure to lose no mater how many skills you activate on your heroes selection, so there is not much tactics involved in this game, just luck. Devs should at least consider a skill the you can lvl up that will increase the chance of getting the champions you need with each consecutive roll. I had games in witch i've spent up to 30-50 gold on rolls and i didn't get the shard needed to get the champion to lvl 3, and this was in late game after a few players where eliminated.

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