Gunslingers need massive buff, it's actually disproportionate how underpowered they are.

I have been practising to perfect my midgame decisions etc and I had a stacked graves, guinsoo, guardian's angel and (that item that has 20% chance to lower them by 1 star for on-hit effect, forgot the name) with my tristana having Hush and Shojin. I had Tier 3 Graves, Tier 3 Tristana, Tier 3 Lucian, 2*Tier 2 GP, Tier 1 Jinx and Tier 1 MF on the board placed very well (I can't prove the positioning, but basically I positioned them in a way that even if I was vs assassins, I'd do well). Yet even at the ending where I put my MF in place of what was a Tier 2 Pyke, I got absolutely smashed by someone who literally had one of the worst teamcomps I've ever seen, it was some nonsense tier 2s with elementalists on the side. It did not at all deserve to beat me, I don't know how I lost even before that but when I lost even after finding the MF, having so optimally gone for the teamcomp no one else was (gunslingers) and hitting 3 to Tier 3 and to be still smashed, it just shows this game is not %%%%ing skill based in a true sense of chess, it's more like poker to be perfectly honest.
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