Is Aatrox balanced ?

Ok you guessed it I come back from a bad SR experience. I don't mind Aatrox being able to 2v1 without being ahead. I don't mind his Q dealing way too much Aoe damage + the cc. But at least make him vulnerable to cc. So the aatrox went {{item:3111}} and Legend Tenacity, but facing {{champion:9}} , {{champion:4}} , {{champion:32}} and {{champion:555}} , he was able to pull off all his spells even cced because when he does get stunned or silenced or feared his spells are still casted. So basically he's immune to cc, a 0,3 s stun wont do much if during this time his Q is stunning everyone while healing him fully. We won that game but we really had to kite him whole game, buy {{item:3165}} , {{item:3076}} and {{item:3123}} , {{summoner:14}} him, waste all our spells and summoners just for him to kill him. I mean that's also what you need to do against {{champion:75}} post 20 minutes, for example, but when he's stunned his Q don't kill you at least, and he can be healed only with his autos. So what do you think, is he balanced right now or maybe something should be done ?
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