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Hi overtime the masteries have gradually changed, but sometimes i always felt they were very limited and overtime have become less than and now it can fit your play style, however it is still limited, i was just thinking of damage ratios and when u max out i.e archery on the game 'TES V' it gives you x2 more damage would it be than the same for LoL i guess not. Anyway i was thinking some kind of perk system it doesn't have to or it can overwrite the current mastery system and if not then i would also recommend an achievement system to unlock these perks and you can gain up to 4 total perks that suit your play style, they can range from a total of 1% increased critical damage to more hp, hp regen, lifesteal, a slight increase in critical chance, ap, ad, or even an active effect that by chance can cause you to fear, silence, reflect (not sure if reflect is in this game other than {{item:3075}} ) So basically it can give you active effects by chance (very slim chance) increased offense or increased defense However if it did replace the masteries which i am not sure that will work or it will inevitably be the same so i guess you could ( i am thinking of all this as i type btw) call it more of an augment system. The achievement system is what you use to unlock slots for the Augments / perks or you have them unlocked anyway and you just need to unlock the augments (i am going to call them augments) of course they are not unlocked easily they take necessary time and effort not to mention skill this can range from 'Pentakill' with certain champions surviving so many times with very little hp (less than 10) completing so many games with certain champions and taking no deaths i.e {{champion:17}} . note: has to be ranked (but maybe it can be opted for normals as well.) Well its a suggestion and an idea it doesn't have to work but this is the place (i hope) where i share my ideas however big or small.
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