What method do you use to get better?

So I'm currently playing this game again. I have something like an on/off relationship with this game. Either I'm playing a lot or I'm not playing for a time. I want to play the game but sometimes I don't have the time (parents didn't allow when I was joung, job doesn't allow now). I see that I'm currently very bad; with my "main" I have about 25% win rate according to lolsumo. I'm noticing very dumb mistakes in short term desicion making and mechanics that I wouldn't have made back before I did the pause. Big problems I can list off the top of my head right now are: 1. Rare usage of ult and flash. 2. When playing top lane I don't roam and help the team, instead I just lane most of the game even as a tank and with teamfight oriented masteries. 3. Don't know what to do in the jungle. 4. I show mercy to incompetent enemies which leads to loses. 5. I'm easily taunted. It's not as bad as before but it still exists. I'm also very indecisive which and how many champions I should main. For one role I have too many candidates and for other roles I have too few. I should also mention that I choose champions primarily because of their motivations and personality. The lore of the game helped me pick a main back when I started playing the game and now I have knowledge about the game I still only choose them if I like them. (Needs to be in good terms with Ionia and not be evil; first main was Master Yi. I'm considering Syndra because of the Justicar skin only and TF because he was recommended to me by the game) My favorite role is Tank and the best lane I can play is currently support. Top: {{champion:78}} ({{champion:98}} planned) Jungle: {{champion:254}} ({{champion:133}} planned) Mid: ?? (interested in {{champion:134}} {{champion:4}}, {{champion:84}} {{champion:163}} ) ADC: {{champion:110}} (would really like to put {{champion:81}} in but he does not enough damage for my taste) Support: {{champion:89}} (finally bought {{champion:412}}) So what kind of methods do you use to get better? Which champion should I put into my roster? What mechanics should I train in the Practice Tool and how? Should I fill or call my role and hope I get understanding Teammates? Do I need to start carrying or should I still play this game for fun? Do I even have the time or will to start carrying? Will I stop asking questions? Probably now ...

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