Unsatisfying honor system.

Hello, I've been toxic in 1 game, got chat restriction and lvl 1 honor. Clear, that's fine and deserved. There is one problem. **It was 4 months ago** I'm still sitting in lvl 1 honor, playing systematically. To be clear, it's right before lvl 2, so it's like 1 and 3/3 level. I'm not flaming anymore, trying to be positive. What hurts me the most, is actually other players' behavior. No one really cares if u were good in the game or friendly on chat. I barely get 1 honor from a random player. When i see a premade in my game, i already know the game ends with 0 honors, no matter what. At the end, what hurts me even more is one Rioter who declared, that in this season it's easier to leave the shadow of lvl 0/1 honor. This is a disgusting lie for me, watching how hard it is to reach lvl 2. We have 17.10 today, the season ends 12.11. I do not believe ill lvl up, this ungrateful system already shown me where's my place, with no hope for coming back. Just proves it's not worth trying to be positive. Unsatisfying system which do not reward you comparing to amount of time spent on getting good.

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