What reliable, quick and easy methods are there for checking your internet connection??

Since I moved to a new area in the last few months, I've not played much due to random, awkward internet issues that manifest as lag spikes of 500-10000 ping that, on a bad time, occur once every 2-3 minutes. The game that triggered this thread was particularly awkward - I was ADC and randomly stopped moving or walking/sliding towards the enemy team. Obviously this meant I died a lot, was unable to do anything and we lost the game, so some assistance would be greatly appreciated so I can actually play LoL again. I've been using windows command prompt "/ping google.com" (four or five times for 20 data points) to quickly check my internet's not being awkward, but that doesn't always predict it particularly well - as shown by the fact that I get games like the trigger for this thread. So are there any other quick, & hopefully more effective, ways to make sure my internet isn't suffering??
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