The law of tanks states...

If a tank champion has two or more abilities that scale with AP/AD respectively, they will have the most broken full damage builds in the game.. SERIOUSLY. Is it me or is it that whenever a tank goes full damage, they blow up every squishy in the game. Prime examples: {{champion:59}} starting with my main. This guy will Demacidunk you to a black and white screen. {{champion:54}} Don't get me started on his ridiculous Q and R ratios... {{champion:14}} I have never been more frightened of a champion in game. {{champion:154}} Oh look a flying green blob. Oh look, I'm dead. {{champion:75}} Stacks+Attacks {{champion:57}} Well, he's ridiculous in urf... {{champion:12}} {{champion:31}} Ha...ha {{champion:79}} ... {{champion:32}} You know, f*** your hugs. {{champion:122}} Dunkin' donuts for Caitlyn brought to you buy Darius...go die. {{champion:240}} Not too sure though on how broken his full damage build is. Am I missing out anymore tank champions?
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