Results from a day of cs training

So , I was annoyed at the fact that I was farming like a toddler recently so I decided to go train in the practice tool for nearly a full day Basically I just farmed for 10 mins and reset the game and repeat At first I was just doing what I usually do to farm , and I had an average of 78% cs Then I started doing some experiments , (Note : each experiment was done one at a time, I didn't do more than one at a time) First I tried keeping the camera locked and I noticed a significant drop in cs , I ended up with an average of 71% cs Then I compared farming with and without music , and there wasn't a big difference , only 1% more cs with music , supposedly cause I was less prone to get lost in thought Then I tried getting up and doing some exercise between each try and I started farming significantly better , with an average of 84% cs And finally I did that thing were you put a pen in your mouth and "bite" it to fake a smile and that had a very surprising effect , my cs spiked to an average of 91% cs and the cs I missed didn't make me as tilted as the cs I lost without doing it TLDR : (average cs %) Normal cs : 78% cs Locked camera : 71% cs With music : 79% cs Exercise between each try : 84% cs Smiling : 91% cs (+ less tilting to miss cs)
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