Why is everyone complaining about Zoe?

Ok please don't even try to flame me for this, but c'mon stop complaining about Zoe. Instead of being incredibly ignorant and beg for %%%%ing nerfs you should just sit down and try to think about how to play better against her. She has upcoming nerfs that will allow people to basically Qss her bubble (which is actually quite fair). Also, everyone is complaing about her one shots. Well, for %%%%s sake look at Rengar, Veigar, Nidalee, %%%%ing lux, and lets not forget full ad thresh. There are so many %%%%ing champs that can one shot. With Zoe, if you miss it you're completely %%%%ed as well as missing you're E. Now its even worse that people can Qss it so easily. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} To be honest, I think the nerfs are quite harsh on her nowadays. The Q is your only potential to kill with and if you miss it then you're %%%%ed. Oh, and lets not forget that dodging the e is quite simple really. It's called side stepping it or even flashing away. It's more important than a death and gold given to the Zoe. In my opinion, the nerfs are a bit too harsh on her and the Q isn't as spammable anymore. Its getting ridiculous how so many people are complaining. Zoe is great for punishing, but Riot is just making it waaaayyy too hard to even do that anymore. You always have to think about the placement of the e and predictions etc.. posttioning is an absolute %%%%% on her. This is just my opinion to be honest, I know I'll get some criticism for this, but this is purely my opinion. I'd like some opinions on Zoe's nerfs and why do you hate zoe so much? I think she is quite a fun champ, but she isn't even CLOSE to simple {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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