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I am not a Teemo player and I hate laning against him, but I recently started to play him because I want to expand my champion pool and teemo top is a really strong pick in solo queue vs certain matchups. I don't really know the build though, I've watched on probuilds but what I found was inconsistent because you don't usually find a full build there and I didn't get many alternatives. Considering he is ap, Sorc Boots, Rabadon, Zhonya and Void are core. 4 slots out of six. I have tried Runaan's Hurricane and I think it's pretty much a must when playing toplane, because it gives you a lot of splitpushing and also utility in teamfights. I found myself really comfortable with that item so I think I will always build it on him from now on, I've seen it's a pretty common choice too. About the last item, I have noted many similarities with the build on Kayle. You can build her as a oneshot champ with Lich Bane or as a teamfight champ with Runaan's. It's always one or the other, and since Runaan gives so much lane pressure I'm reluctant to get a Lich Bane, because I don't want to oneshot anyone, and I think Teemo may benefit more from one of the iteams below. Other items I've seen build (apart from situational and defensive items like Banshee, GA, Warmog's, Abyssal) are: - Nashor's Tooth - Liandry's Torment - Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Rod of Ages - Morellonomicon - Blade of the Ruined King - Hextec Gunblade One thing I've noticed about Teemo late game is that it has no sustain, which - like on adcarries - can be really useful, so the gunblade and the botkr are a really attractive choice. I have seen many Teemos build Nashor's Tooth, I guess that's because of the poor scaling of E? I understand building Liandry's Torment, especially for the health. The contendants are: BotRk, Hextec Gunblade, Nashor's Tooth and Liandry's Torment. Which of these can be better and in which situation?
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