I keep losing on Zed now..

I used to f%%king love playing Zed. But now ive lost ALL hope on playing him, im losing to people in Silver when im Diamond. I get called boosted after every game ive played him so far this patch and the last... I really want re-ignite that flame in me that I used to feel when playing Zed.. nowadays im finding it so so hard to do it. Maybe it's because of the way ive been playing Sol, I think I can pick him into any situation and it will be fine, not the case. I go in for the ADC in a teamfight and ALL 5 peel him/her. It drives me insane at how that happens when in fact if an enemy Zed tried to kill the ADC, he would do so, and proceed for a Triple kill. I need help in finding the way to play Zed again. It would mean a lot to me...
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