Top lane is the most depressing and unsatisfying role of all time.

I have been playing top alot in my league of legends history. I just want to know if i am wrong or not when i say that top laners belong on top lane. I have been playing since 2013 so i am used to playing top laners in top lane. But the last 2 years have been completely depressing for me. For 2 years bruisers and juggernauts just do not get any love from riot. You know the juggernaut meta back in the day when darius fiora and co got reworked? Literally 3-5 of my fav. champions got deleted from ranked soloq because they were literally unbeatable. Then they fixed it and it went back to normal for like half a season. The reason why i feel unsatisfied playing top is because i want to play a dorky fighter that sustains in fight with dmg output depending on performance. I have fun every game where i play against another melee champion. I really do not care about winning or losing, i just want to have fun playing. But i do not have any fun against a karma top or a karthus top or literally any mage on top. It just doesnt work to play against them and have fun. The role of the bruiser/juggernaut does not work anymore. It literally does not. Because there is nothing you can do about a ranged or mage on top. They outscale or better said outrange you too hard. We all saw viktor top, we all saw what it took to win lane against literally any top laner. I tried to compare this role of champions to mid laners or adcs. Junglers obviously dont count here. In mid i have the impression that anything can play against anything. Since mid is widely known for playing mages or assasins. Sometimes you see a riven or aatrox mid. But these people dont perform consistently enough to do anything againts a mage that played more than 10 games on their role. Most of you will say that i am whining or that i suck or whatever. I just dont care to not be able to play a role that was supposed to be placed on top. I understand hashinshins point there. Thats why he has been shitting on all of these roles. Because bruisers just dont get as much treatment as any other role or at least it feels like it. They nerfed aatrox ult for no reason at all. Whilest ezreal got a huge buff plus the synergy with new klepto? Please give me and my fellow top laners a break man.
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