Probably the biggest problem with Clash (Repost since i was not sure where to post this)

As we all know clash had its fair share of problems at the start, but now that the crashes are over we need to keep changing clash until its perfect. I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but one of my biggest problems with clash is that the players don't decide the time, and its also not a big enough event that most can get time for it. Being that most people don't have the time to play for 4/5 hours, or have unpredictable problems that might show up, they would like to play and maybe switch out for someone at the 2º or 3º game. Of course this comes with its fair share of problems, from not being able to be sure who to scout, from how to divide the rewards, and everything else. I believe that Riot can find their own solutions, but as for me I would: 1º - Make it so people can set replacements at the team creation stage (not too many, and still make it so they affect team tier), maybe tier 1 teams can't have replacements but thats not for me to decide. 2º - Divide the rewards by games played/won or make it so the party leader can decide who gets what.(maybe the 1º is better since no one wants a stranger to decides if he gets anything) 3º - Those who don't play don't get anything (maybe let someone donate them points or something) so you can't join a team and not play to get rewards. {{sticker:garen-swing}} FOR JUSTICE
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