Genius Lethal Tempo Buff

Hi Riot I've been thinking about lethal tempo and i think it needs buff. The rune itself is not weak, but other runes like PTA and Conqueror are way better than lethal tempo. So i got idea about genius buff. It's not change to the attack speed but it's new effect. While Lethal tempo is active the champion would gain AD for every auto attack on enemy champions and the AD lasts for few seconds. For example bonus AD (1;1,5;2;3) at level (1;6;11;16) and AD remains for 4 seconds. This will make lethal tempo much better in every period of the game. Jungle champions can have more successful ganks and better trades with the enemy jungler in the river. Also late game it helps late game when junglers have 2 items and solo laners 4. About adc the trades will be a bit better. With this change lethal tempo is supposed to be stronger than conqueror and near strong as PTA. Mid game at level 11 it is supposed to be as strong as PTA or even stronger and compared to conqueror idk... Late game it will be really strong i think with this change it can match conqueror. I am not really good at the game but i think this will help lethal tempo it might need some changes but tell me in comments what do you think about this. If rioter can check this i would be really happy :) TY for the time spent >,,,<
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