Patch 9.14 Effects on Diana

Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
EDIT from 5/17: Going to pull all those changes out in the next few days besides the Q spell and the QoL on it. Thanks everyone for the feedback (positive and negative alike) and discussions generated.
im kinda Soooo confused why can`t diana have a decent win rate ?? Why nerfing her again , there are many champs that has had 54% winrate for like Months like malzahar , jinx , sona , Ahri and more , so when diana gets a 2% more winrate she gets nerfed the next patch , thats so unfair imho so, now what we have 1-``the nerfs back in patch 9.13 to her passive , and 2-the nerfs to her W in patch 9.14 ) and 3- the reversing of the buff to her q (travel speed) now what we got 2 nerfs to a 49% winrate champ ... thats un%%%%ing Believable guys , like whyyy . and what will that do to her winrate ?? did u guys take that in account ??? SHE ALRAEDY HAD 49% WINRATE IN PATCH 9.13 WHAT ARE U INTENDING TO DO ???!!! Check The link of zhanos and the response of a OTP diana of patch 9.13 and the Upvoted Comment
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