Riot fix this garbage TFT Gamemode

TFT is the most idiotic gamemode ever. I just had a game where i had a 10 losestreak, and only 1 %%%%ING ITEM. LIKE WTF IS THIS BULLSHIT. 1 item and we were in stage 5 bruhhh. and half the champs i had i couldn't even get tier 2. Bruh riot fix this garbage or delete the gamemode. I RATHER HAVE A ARAM RANKED FLEX OR NEXUS BLITZ RANKED THEN THIS GARBAGE ASS TFT. This gamemode makes me want to break my monitor and quit league forever!!! And i recently got permabanned on my main for saying'' have fun solo botlane'' to my adc, while he was the one flaming, running it down mid and later standing afk in base. AND I AM THE ONE GETTING BANNED BRUUUUH. Riot if u want to lose more players then u already have keep on doing what u are doing now.
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