Give me a "Classic LoL" option please. I miss to have fun.

Hi my name is Mikael and ive been playing leauge from the very beta so yes i have "king rammus" skin. To the point ive grew to stop like league and im not going to rant about it not going to hate on it. The game just changed to something i dont recognize nor love and i have full respect for ppl who do love the game still. Its just not the game for me anymore, ive been playing 1 aram game on and off but now days not even that. I miss Dominion where i could chose champion and make troll build and feel intense action. I miss silly funny GP I miss Gallio with taunt aoe ult I miss lantern for jungle just examples.. i know many of you will be like "But hey mike do ur remember old AP yi that toxic thing will rek havoc" and my answer is yes and? I want to play leauge for fun again, i want to play AP taric and laugh my ass off when i burst a random player. Im tierd of this Esport focused game where its optimized for the 5% hardcores tryhards (yes i dont have number to back it up" but its not for me or the casuals anymore and we are atleast a decent part of the community. Riot if you read this, i know its work for you and its much but i would even pay for a server option for "classic league of legends" Thank you alot and rest of you guys have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my post. Take care and goodbye // Swedish guy who want to go back to an non-esport balanced league, when the game was just for FUN
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