Can you fix the Imbalance in 3v3 Mode?

Yes, its a Mode a lot less people play, and even many of those who do, dont respect it as much. ... Yet many play League of Legends just because that Mode exists. It has its own Tier Lists, and Strategies... Yet there are some things, that are just absurd. Nasus in this mode (300-400 stacks, in 10-15 mins), or Gold Funneling (Riot "Removed" it, but it can be heavily abused here), and so many more things. Also, there are many champions out of the picture here, as of how weak they are. There are "Below average" champions in 5v5, but in here there are champions that if you pick them in 3v3, it means "Instant loss", and experienced people here know it, just in champ select. 3v3 needs a lot of work, but we'd appreciate if you first fixed the imbalance in it. It's sick, I swear. Many games are one-sided. Hi from Spain Btw :P
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