All LoL problems (And how to fix them)

Well there are many problems with the game, some of them are "real" problems.. others... simply not, but let's analyze: Well first of all sometimes we have problems with the community: trolls, afks, ragers, ragequitters and so on... And many times we have that kind of people who can't win and balme others while it just was a bad game... Well there are 2 solutions: the report system aaand the experience: more you play, less you fail, less you tilt aaand probably you'll rage less... Also on the forums there are lreally many many people blaming riot about unbalanced champions, too strong or too weak.. well riot always works patch after patch, but some champions really are not so strong or so weak as they appear.. but let's go deeper in this question: let's take 2 opposite champions: Azir and Master Yi, first the bird Azir is weak we all know that.. well not totally.. azir is weak in solo queue, without the right team, without the right jungler.. he probably can't win alone a game, but in high level Azir is actually a real strong pick because everyone knows how to deal with him in their team or against him.. so if he'd get just a little buff (and maybe he could coz he's underpicked in low elo) he could become OP in high tiers... On the contrary we have Master Yi, and everyone thinks he's OP.. well i can agree.. in Solo Queue he's really strong, can win a fight and a game alone.. buuuut in high elo you can't simply pick yi and expect to win also if you are the best yi player, because there could be a team composition that will destroy you ooor your team needs for example a tank and so on... Well now.. if you nerf yi what do you have? A normal champion for solo Queue and trash in high tier (it can be fun, or right, but i can also don't be that) I probably have a drastico solution, at least for normals: each week or month you have a top 10 (15? 20?) global ban list and normal games (secret selection only) would have a restricted pool (for example actualy you couldn't play Xin, Yi, Kogh, Tahm, Poppy, Gangplank, Fiora) and so on and this way you'd be forced to play different champions.. buuuut this brings a problem: you don't face them, you don't learn how to fight against them and how to win against them, and i dislike this, so probably the best thing to do is learn to counter.. If we go deeper again we'll find the root of these problems: E-Sports and high elo (but this root is not a problem, it's just the cause of the problem): Riot balanes and creates champions also watching high elo players choces in rankeds and LCS, listening to their advices, understanding how much strong a champion could become in the right comp, so riot tends to create some champions that can feel weak, but in fact they aren't for high elo players. On the other hand we have champions claimed to be OP while they aren't And then we have illaoi *joke* Another problem is the lag of these days, but i suppose they're working on this, i truly truly hope this One problem that i personally feel is the itemization, or well the lack of items.... on the Ad side more or less we have a big poool of items (still waiting for AD Armor item anyway, i think they can create it and balance it properly) On the AP side btw to counter (Zed talon ecc.....) exists only Zhonya (and it's not simply to achieve) Well we have QSS but it feels kinda wrong building it against and AD (Probably an armor item with same effect of QSS or better.. MORE items with QSS in recipe?) Someone suggested to bring the moonblade on the Summoners Rift, well why not? The biggest problem for players probably is, well..... are *joke* other players.. If your team can't teamfight and your bronze elo team decides to teamfight, well *sigh* it's lost, buut well this makes experience (a guide would be cool anyway, something that analyzes games and tells players that Twisted fate Zed Vi Draven Alistar will probably lose against yasuo malphite amumu galio kalista (probably i say eh), but sieging and pushng wuld grant them victory (we can resum the problem in lack of strategy-tactics-experience) Let's return on the champions discussion..(staying linked to the "experience-strategy zone")... people must admit and understand that there are some "niche" champions that can't fit in each team (Kha Zix for example is probably the stronegest 1 v 1 assassin (for me better than zed), but you simply should not pick him against a team that will probably go for wombos and teamfights.. if you still want an assasssin against a teamfight-enemyteam you'd better go for talon or fizz (for example)) The problem of the Queue and supports? Just one everyone (almost , not me *joke*) prefers to deal damages, take kills, have a beautiful score and don't stay behind with levels, soo it's normal there aren't so many supports.. if you don't want to support.. don't put this role in the Queue and wait more... if you put fill well you'll probably take support i know, but well there is a real motivation and riot can't do much Anyway there are 2 solutions 1) the ban of the role.. you can pick fill AAAND Ban the support (so essentially you'd go adc mid jungle or top) 2) the percentage of a role... if you pick fill more times you get the same role consecutively more you rise a "rank" and highest is your rank highest is the possibility to take a different role (i personally don't like this because well someone could just be fine going always support and a really few times other lanes) Well if you have other problems tell me HAHAHAH *joke* Edit well there is a problem: elderwood leblanc legs jst don't match her nature "esile" "thin" and are in contrast with the skin itself and other leblanc models On the contrary Aurelion Sol tail and back are, for me too thin (also if celestial e.e)

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