Can ADC's be fixed please?

First off, they were the only class that got stupid buffs at the end of season to "compensate" for rune changes which nobody else did. Secondly, their items are obnoxious... {{item:3026}} was made into an item that was specifically for them and now gives AD (more examples of Riot's favoritism) and all the problems with the current preseason are centred around AD champions, with both {{champion:81}} and {{champion:67}} being obnoxiously powerful. I know you just released a Vayne skin so you are not going to nerf Vayne for a while (if ever, since you never do) and you want all these gullible whales to buy it but can you please consider nerfing ADC items in general so botlane is not a complete stomp one way or another because both winning or losing is boring. ADC's feel more like the champion themselves then the individual skill of the player. There is such a gap between the best ADC's and the worst at the moment that even a bad player on a Vayne, who is 100 deaths can still wipe a team. Can we please make ADC's more about actual player skill rather then just right clicking to win because the items are so obnoxious at the moment. One suggestion would be to make lethality a melee only stat and nerf {{item:3035}} so that armor feels impactful again on anything that isn't a super tank. ((Bear in mind that this was the same balance team that said and I quote "{{champion:99}} _ultimate has too long a cooldown_" and then buffed it so I don't really hold out much hope because they are so out of touch with reality))
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