Yasuo comeback - need help

Hello guys, i main Yasuo and Im proud of that, im Plat IV and know the game, when to roam, when to recall etc. But what i dont know is how to do a good Yasuo comeback. If i die 1v1, then i play extremly passive, cuz i know i will most likely lose 1v1, if i die 1v2, then theres still a chance of a 1v1 trade win. For exemple, i played a Yasuo mid vs Jayce game, i ulted him but it teleported me into tower range, which i didnt predict, i though i knocked him up far away enought from his tower, so he killed me cuz i took 2 tower shoots and was behind 1 kill. I played under tower and tried to farm, but then the enemy Yi came and they dived me, and i died. So i was 0/2, (and btw my adc flamed me that im unskilled and that im reported -.- ) So i keeped on farming, then came the time i outtraded him cuz of IE and PD. And so i came back to the game, this is the only thing i know on how to do a comeback, just stay back and farm. Does anyone have any other tips? I would be glad
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