The champion that smashed, so she got trashed (Kalista)

So when Kalista{{champion:429}} first came out I played her a ton, and she quickly became my most played champion and also my favorite champion. But I feel like she has felt the nerf hammer against her fragile body too many times, and now she is competing with Urgot{{champion:6}} for the **worst** winrate of all ad carries' in the game. I understand that she can be hard to balance, due to the pro scene of league, but for us casual players who love to play her, it feels kinda rough. I would love to hear some thoughts from a Riot member, which I know might not be possible. I just feel like I have waited long enough for Riot to make some sort of adjustment to her, so I wouldn't have to lose games, just because I play a champion I like. And if you think I'm just crying because my favorite champion got nerfed, then that's true, but I just wanted to bring some more attention to this problem. Thanks for reading. - Karl
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