Riot, Please fix toplane. -A plead by Yashi

Season 7 went by, precious time when I was happy also passed by. I am writing this as a kind of plead to discuss and maybe fix current state of top lane. _**-My first issue is obviously the keystone.**_ ADC's got "Press the attack" and "Fleet footwork", Tanks got "Grasp of the undying" and "Aftershock", assasins got "Predator", "Electrocute" and "Dark Harvest", supports got "Kleptomancy", "Guardian", "Summon Aery", Mage's got their "Arcane Comet", "Electrocute" etc. The thing is that, meele brusiers fell right out of toplane and sit along in the void of "not viable" along with pre rework Urgot's memory, Rengar and Volibear. Brusiers dont have a keystone. I mean, I guess I can take Grasp... But then I have neither damage or attackspeed to duel in laning phase. Same story with Press the attack. It Just doesn't work. The only viable brusier toplane right now is Camille. "Yes, Camille is viable, play her. Stop whining." I hear you telling me. You know why she works? Because she can take advantage of the comet. She has a matching keystone. I don't want to play Camille all the time. **-Items.** Precious items. I dare say even Priceless Items! Cuz they are so Expensive for brusiers. Dont believe me? A small comparison of first four items: **Irelia: Trinity+mercury/tabi+tytanic+sterak's=10543g Maokai: Merc/Tabi+Sunfire+spirit's+righteous glory=9450g Jayce: Merc/Tabi+Youmu+Duskblade+BC=9900g** Even other lanes for god's sake. **Syndra: Sorc's+morello+liandry's+void staff=9750g Jinx: berserk's+IE+hurricane+Rapidfire=9700g** Why do brusiers have to pay more and still afford to be terrible? Even though I made a joke, this is not funny. How come, that my champions are worse from the start **and** they have to **pay** more to get better. While tanks pay less and are able to AA me to death. I do not even want to start on tank's high impact-high cost/cooldown abilities. Guess what. There's a rune for it. **-This meta as a whole thing.** Terrible. Plain terrible. I guess every lane has its "top picks" which are the most played and with the biggest winrate. It's Cool to see Gankplank every other game, or nasus, or maokai, poppy or any other tank. I can sit back, and enjoy my time not playing this game as I was bullied by them from the existance in that match.** Just nah.** Lemme save you some trouble, I'm silver 3 this season. And I Always was a silver, like from season4. You don't have to me anymore. ;3 This post got created because I got mad. I'm not enjoying top lane as much as I used to, I barely enjoy it, but I'm still playing. And You, Dear Riot, instead of fixing even some minor top issues, you make new mage items of all thins. Also when something goes realy broken botlane, you hotfix it right away, but Top is far far away, nobody plays it so nobody cares. I care, and I invite you for a discussion. All of you. Tank mains, ADC's, Supports, Junglers, Midlaners. Sincirely Yashi97
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