0.25 AP ratio, is this a %%%%ing joke?

Hey, let's ruin a champions whole identity and nerf his best ability by giving it a super restrictive cooldown. What can we do to offset that? Well, let's give the champion lvl 1-6 0.02 more ability power ratio (when he doesn't even have AP) and late game reduce it by a WHOPPING 30%!!! Has anyone of your over-payed employees even spent the 30 seconds it takes to test that in training mode? Faster rotation rate but .25 instead of .35 ratio as well as no way to keep the spell up for more than 2 seconds? You see the power budget problem? No? Look, Syndra has more range and better damage, as well as better, more reliable CC with just Q and E. Literally a champion with two basic abilities is already beating Sol in EVERY ASPECT. I hope someone lost or loses their job over that rework, as it's a complete shitshow. Maybe think about fun and champion identity first for once - instead of "UH MUH MUST MAKE CHAMPION FLASHIER SO IT APPEALS TO A WIDER AUDIENCE". Have you even thought about how "flashy" that new W is? Keeping the same distance from a champion for 2 sec instead of longer and doing half the damage because it hits like a wet noodle - WOW SO FLASHY, TOTALLY MAKES ME WANT TO PLAY THAT SHIT D-TIER CHAMP. Obvious why you had to give him a MASSIVE 60 HP buff at level 1 - such a weak exploitable champ with no strengths is in dire need of at least base stats. But guess that just means you're going to leave him like this instead of addressing him, since your shitshow of a rework failed, still noone plays him and you even managed to piss off 75% of the mains who now won't play him either anymore - so why even spend any resources on a champ that just lost three quarters of it's already tiny playerbase.
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