I miss old league of legends :(

If we could get old league back. lets say season 4 or below. would you? if you were given the chance to go back to whenever you had the most fun in the game would you take that chance? Like honestly i really dislike how the ranked system works now and i absolutely hate dynamic queue. its a dumb system and incredibly unbalanced....I played a few ranked games a couple of days ago in plat elo and i felt like the enemy team was trolling because i was literally playing half braindead with very little challenge required to win but thats when I realised everyone can just get boosted now with this incredibly dumb dynamic queue system u.u like...who thought this was a good idea and why? it should go back to the roots of only being allowed solo or duo to make it a fair and balanced system instead of this boosted garbage I also hate how simplistic they have made the game now. I remember when I had to keep timers on everything like dragon, baron, blue etc now the game just straight up tells me so i can play the game half asleep and snowball the enemy jungler easily when im ahead which is super dumb honestly.... #make league great again
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