Proper Reasoning for/against DQ

Im reading through all these threads and dont really understand the reasoning behind not having the option to choose if you wanna soloQ or DQ only. As far as i understand it if people were given the choice to either soloQ- or dynamicQonly everyone would play soloQ and the queue times for dynamicQ would be crazy due to the lack of people willing to submit themselves to premades. Meaning having DQ only is basically forcing people into submission and and keeping them in that system like a cage. But doesnt this show exactly what people rather prefer? Because all i see is that we basically forgoe the wishes of soloQ players for the wishes of the people that wanna queue up with their friends. Which would indicate that there is a majority vote at work. But when asked for the reasons it seems the only problem is queue times cuz everyone plays soloQ preferably. What i wanna ask is if there is any other logical reasoning for not giving people the choice. Wether DQ is better or worse is something that i dont wanna go into as this has been hacked to bits and pieces. My question is simple for understanding how riot actually makes decisions.
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