Why /remake is absolutely useless

"Oh but if you had an AFK on your team you wouldn't say so" - just shut up would you? People who are AFK at the very start of the game generally are those whose games crashed, buggsplatted or something similar. They almost always reconnect, and most of the game you can play like nothing happened. All that /remake does is extends already long Q times effectively doubling them and annoys everyone. Most of these games would have ended as normal 5v5s. While the problem with real retards who just feed their asses off and go AFK is not solved because THEY DON'T SHOW UP IN THE FIRST 3 MINUTES. So what /remake does is punishes people who most probably just had some error (and then one in a million actual AFK), annoys the crap out of everyone and does absolutely nothing to actual AFKs who ruin games. Good job Riot, one more f-ing perfect system!
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