Not every champion has to be game-changing...

I was thinking, after seeing the abilites of the Nunu rework... {{champion:555}} Kill Gold Share ( Which was originally a thing in season 7 before they took it away and reintroduced it. ) {{champion:145}} Evolving Marksman {{champion:141}} Fxxk walls + Two champions in one {{champion:84}} True Stealth {{champion:142}} Spell theft ( I still love this champion though. ) {{champion:498}} Untargetable ADC {{champion:497}} Dash-based + Second Champion to have Charm crowd control. {{champion:497}}{{champion:498}} Buffed when together {{champion:240}} Two health bars ( And D.Va's greatest fan. ) {{champion:163}} ...massive wall. {{champion:427}} First official jungling support + can make brush ___ {{champion:20}} Only one new move, slightly buffed. This... intrigues me to say the least? Why don't we ever get any, you know... 'clone' champions? Not like {{champion:25}} but now looks like {{champion:31}}. But something like having an ADC who happens to share the same E and R as {{champion:99}}? Why does EVERYTHING have to be game-changing? And I don't understand when they make game-changing reworks... {{champion:28}} Evelynn was a perma-invisible burst jungler who didn't need to really plan out anything, but also lacked mobility. Now she's a massive assassin who depends on flashing into someone 2 seconds after she'd cast Allure. {{champion:39}} Irelia was a one-on-one beast who had massive tenacity when being ganked. Now she's a massive mobility assassin who can 1 v 3 without even getting hurt. {{champion:266}} Aatrox was a all-in full lifesteal auto-attack based powerhouse who could revive time and time again if more than two people were trying to kill him. Now... he's just Rhaast as a separate playable character to be honest. But Nunu didn't really change that much... it's just Nunu! If you ask me, they need to think a little inside the box again. For example, having another support with an ability like Braum's unbreakable and an ultimate like Ahri or something like that. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? Please write what you think.
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