Ellui ,the Black Swordsman ( My original champion design with lore too)

So I made my own champion. Im gonna go through all my thoughts and hope you guys like it! Contents : - Lore - Abilities - General Ideas - Lore : There are only rumors of the Black Swordsman, and his mighty blade. They say he is a master who seeks worthy opponents. One cannot easily find him and those who do never return to tell the tale. Some scouts have seen him wander around the areas like a ghost in the night. His black figure sets fear to every human being that encounters him. His red eyes are filled with bloodlust. The legend says that once there was a skilled fighter that showed before him, carrying a long katana. He was also a wanderer like him. They say that when they started fighting, the ground was trembled to the point that the mountains made an arena around them. The fight lasted for days, before the Black Swordsman got serious. At this moment he pulled a second sword out of his back, thus carrying one in each hand. What happened next is unknown. - Abilities : (He is a melee champion with a huge sword, probably an assassin offtank?) Passive : 3-way combo Every third hit against the same enemy slices them dealing 20/40/60/80/150 (+50%of his AD) extra damage. This scales at levels 1/5/9/13/16 Q: Lighting Slash {{summoner:4}} 60/70/80/90/100 Mana 15/13/12/11/9 Cooldown Ellui dashes a set distance towards the cursor slicing all enemies in his path and dealing 50/70/90/100/150 (+ 60% of his AD ) damage. W: Sword Skill {{item:3124}} 50 Mana 20/17/15/13/10 Cooldown Passive: Gives Ellui 15/30/40/50/60 attack damage Active: Ellui's sword is set on fire for the next 8/7/6/5/4 seconds igniting enemies that it hits for 3%/5%/7%/8%/10% of their current health, as magic damage, every second for 3 seconds. E: Mighty Leap 80 Mana at all ranks 16/15/14/12/10 Cooldown Ellui leaps to target area (with the diameter of a little larger Aatrox Q) smashing his sword in the ground. Those in the center of the ability get knocked up for 1 second and are dealt 60/80/100/120/170 (+70% of his AD). Enemies in the surrounding area are dealt 75% damage (This ability has 0.5 seconds cast time - animation but Ellui can continue to attack 0.2 seconds after landing). R: Dual Wielding {{item:3046}} No cost 100/80/60 Cooldown Ellui pulls a second sword, the Elucidator, carrying one sword in each hand for 8/7/6 seconds. During this time his gains 150%/200%/max. attack speed and can't use his Q ( Slice and Dice), but his E ( Mighty Leap) has no cast time for the duration of the spell. Additionally, kills or assists during this time reset the cooldown of his E( Mighty Leap,) and extend the duration of this spell and his W ( Sword Skill, which affects both swords visually but doesn't do double damage ) by 3/2/1 seconds (This ability has a different attack animation that uses both swords at massive and fast slices). General Ideas/Thoughts : I added some icons to 3 of the abilities to help you visualize my thoughts but Im not really sure if they match and I didn't mention certain details like Hp , Mana , AD base or scaling stats because I definitely can't think of that. Im not even sure if the damage ratios I gave the abilities are underpowered , overpowered or balanced (Im not even sure about the names of the abilities xD I just wrote whatever lame names came to my mind, but I do like the W and R names). I wanted to create this type of champion that is a skilled swordsman and as his best move he pulls out his legendary sword like a badass and goes bersek leaping to everybody dealing shit tons of damage ( Its basically Kha Zix with a sword ). I actually was in a choice between him adding fire or poison to his swords with W ( kinda like in Dark Souls the player can poison their blade ) but I settled on fire. I wish I could create the champion visually and animate him but I don't know how to do that .... By the way his first sword will be black ( I mean super black dark blade style) and his R sword will be in a sky blue theme of light representing respect for the opponent that forced Ellui to use it ( but still a brutal blade). When I was creating the Elucidator I was thinking of an awesome anime sword from SAO ( Sword Art Online) , hence the name, and wanted it to be in that style, so check it out to see what I visualized the sword to be ( Please don't call me a weebo xD). Thats all I have to say, I hope this or a champ like him comes to life so let me hear your opinion on the champ in the comments below and I hope you like it, thanks for reading all the way I appreciate it very much if you did.
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