When are you going to nerf sylas healing?

It's ridiculous how you can give sylas such a unbalanced ability where he heals +35% just like that. I'm so tired of the bullshit because you can't do shit unless you pick a champion that can kill him in matter of seconds where he can't heal. It's gone, what, 2 weeks or almost 2 weeks? It's broken and how the hell dosen't the dev team see it? He's broken where it makes viable champions useless that isn't in the current "meta" AKA Broken champions. FIX YOUR GAME IT'S NOT HARD TO BALANCE, STOP OVERPOWERING THE CHAMPIONS AND BEING WITH A LOWER ATTRIBUTE THAN THAT WHICH IS HIGHER. Your game isn't getting better from a developer perspective but a history perspective. The game isn't going to be better as long you do not fix your idea of starting with high numbers. Your game is unbalanced and broken for a major reason and that is because either there's a dev lead that lack vision and grasp of how to balance, or the dev team itself is incapable of changing. If not then is there some other reason why the game feels like it dosen't have any developer on the balancing team that do have an education or was the only thing you learnt how to write numbers, edit, fix stuff ect? It surprises me how incapable your dev team feels like when i'm playing your game. I don't even need to play the damn game to know if something is broken or not or what it requires to be balanced.
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