Any tipps for climbing the ladder?

Hey guys I need advices to carry easier, something i do must be wrong... I'm most of the time playing solo in dynamic and I don't have much possibilities to duoq or more. I am Maining Midlane with most of the time Assassins like Zed or Talon or i select secondary to play jungle or ADC. Now in the recent few games I went into a bad loosing strike and I feel like I'm responsible myself for not being able to carry. I often get tilted when I see the two teamcomps since I often feel like, daym lategame is lost. Also sometimes it doesn't matter how good I do, I just feel completly useless againts the snowballing enemies. Sadly when I am starting to snowball, I can't play it off correctly. I have some days where my decitionmaking is really good and I allways chose the right spot but sometimes, as mostly this week, I just feel like my decitions are bad. Mechanics wins certain skirmishes, decitionmaking wins games... I also often feel like the enemys champs feel much stronger than mine or some champs that other people play feel way stronger as when I'm playing them myself. Can anyone give me some advice please?
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