Need new kinda specific top laner

So ive been having trouble againts some Top Laners like Irelia, Xin, Panth, Riven and Darius but screw him i alvredy have a nice strategy to cry under tower when i face him so for that any champ works... SO!, till now ive been playing Vlad, Morde, Swain, Gp and gnar on top, i only do well with Gnar, and Gp if im just farming or if i can actually trade well, so i need a bit of change so i don't get eaten by... well broken... SO!, ive been thinking of getting either Rumble, Trundle or Viktor for top, those are the only ones im interested in right now so just want to know which one of them would work best againts them and ty in advance!! But if you have some other good top laner in mind that isn't on my list or that isn't one of those "Broken" up there, feel free to share your thoughts.
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