Ahri Rework

{{champion:103}} Ahri. She's a mid game assassin. Often builds full AP and has no disengage except her ultimate. Her charm isn't a good enough CC and {{item:3116}} can't make up for that. She's made to be a true damage burst assassin, but after landing an E and spamming Q and W faster than a full CDR Sona does, she's useless. Q = ( 35% AP x 2 = 70% AP) W = ( 30% AP ) E = ( 60% AP ) R = ( 25 x 3 = 75% AP) Total full ability burst: 235% AP Now, considering lack of CC if you've wasted your E; this doesn't even match up to other mid-laners like Lux and Yasuo. Not to forget they all have better CC conditions than Ahri. And they can disengage as Ahri pulls enemies closer. I'm sure some hardcore Ahri Challanger best in the world is going to flame me after this but: My ideas. Ahri is a "female fatale" nine-tailed fox succubus. She charms people and takes their life energy or something. xD So just like Galio and Warwick, redo her moves to match her lore. Passive: Charm / Orb If you are in the basic attack range of an enemy champion **facing you** ( Additional attack range does not apply. ), they will be charmed for 2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds. During the charm, you gain +50/100/150% base health regen. Afterwards, the enemy champion cannot be affected again until 15 seconds after they leave combat with you. ( This means ADCs like Caitlyn are easier to affect than low ranged fighters like Vi. ) Orb: Ahri cannot use Orb of Deception if the orb is away from her. When away from the Orb, Ahri gains +25% movement speed. Q: Orb of Deception Ahri throws her orb out, dealing ( +20% AP ) magic damage in a line and pulses for ( +40% AP ) true damage in an area. The orb stays in the area and lowers enemy champions movement by 25%. W: Fox-Fire Ahri's next basic attack gains +150 range and ignite a foe for 3/4/5/6/7% ( +1% per 150 AP ) of their current health as true damage over 5 seconds. E: Spirit Rush Ahri dashes to an enemy unit, dealing ( +15% AP ) to that unit and slows their movement away from her by 10%. If the target is a champion, it deals an additional ( +25% AP ) around them, (but not the unit itself) and stuns those around the unit for 0.75 seconds. R: Tranquility Ahri charms all enemy units in a massive area around her for 3 seconds, dealing ( +80% AP ) to the closest and increases their movement speed toward her. If Orb is near Ahri when activated, the Orb shatters and heals Ahri for 25% of damage done during the charm as well as stealing the defenses of those around it. Edit: HOLY SH*T, YOU GUYS ARE TOXIC. It was just an idea to make her into more of a fighter. Sorry for showing an idea. Damn...
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