Riven ho ho ho!

Hi there, I'm here to whine about Riven! Not saying she is overpowered or anything, I wanna fix boundaries to my whinning first. To me Riven is : - balanced in 5v5 - a big snowballer - a threat to almost any top-laner during laning phase - a heavily rewarding champion - a (pretty) high skill cap champion - manageable when laning against And I want to talk about this "manageable": - It's true that you can shut her down with a strong cc composition - you can kite her to some extent - some champions seem to be able to outtrade her (probably Darius and this kind of champ) BUT (yes, there obviously is a but), to actually prevent her from going out of control, you need to **shut her down**! THAT is the issue, this champion with high mobility, defense scaling on AD and outstanding damage is already hard to punish for her mistakes, or at least harder than lots of laners. Worse, as building offense on her builds defense as well (and thanks to her mechanics), killing her twice or three times can not even be enough to put her out of the game. That means that when she comes back, she will still be able to punish the mistakes you make almost as well as she could before. SO, here is the point I wrote all this stuff for : Riven is a low risk big reward champion. Too much. Unless you get a counterpick (8 champions out of 126 at most) or get camped by your jungler, you won't make it out on top. There is room, but too little. You can prevent her from being a monster, but not from being just well. You can't be freakin safe against her even with 4/0/0 and her at 0/4/0.
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